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Ways to “Top up” your energy!

Yes,… We are completely in control of our own energy. ✨What we do with it!

✨Who we give it away to!

✨Who we allow to take it!

and most importantly How we replenish it….

Replenishing is the fun part!😄….How do we do it?… Simple….

❤️Anything that we love doing will top up our energy❤️

🌀Taking time to “Just be!”🌀

The bustle of life and feeling every minute should be filled will leave you energy depleted take time out of your day, even if it 10 minutes to “Just be”maybe reading a book….Mine is spending time in my garden. Switching off and just acknowledge the peace and calm in those moments and beginning to recognise your energy when it is at peace and calm. This allows you then to notice when there is an imbalance.

💫Knowing your boundaries💫

What you will accept, and remaining steadfast if challenged. When your boundaries are breached, energetically you will always feel this energy being taken….it is an uncomfortable feeling around the bottom of your ribs. (The solar plexus area in Chakra talk!)

Sensing your energy and the energy of others and situations is “a thing!” Everyone is energy and senses energy. Taking control of your energy is your responsibility and a necessity!❤️

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