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My Services

As a Doula it would be an honour to support you at any part of your journey into parenthood, from pre-conception to the post-natal period. 

I am a mum of three, all of which arrived into this world in their own unique way.

I am also blessed to have a Granddaughter 1 (and at the time of writing a Grandson on the way!) I have 11 Siblings older than me, all with their own Children and Grandchildren (and even in a few cases Great Grandchildren!) So babies and children have been a great part of my life!


My passion as a Doula is emotional support.

With my Holistic background I know that being able to relax comes from the place of calm. Being stressed and anxious can come from many places when you embark on the journey into parenthood....




Feelings of self worth

Incorrect Information

Other peoples journeys

Spending some time even before you begin your journey, being honest about the emotions that arise for you can be the ground work for a calmer experience. 

I offer a non judgemental friendly space to connect with these emotions via the many Holistic mediums,  for you and your special people. 

However your journey looks, whether you are pregnant or adopting, My services are inclusive..  


You can join the journey wherever you feel you need the support most or choose the support from the beginning.  With my holistic and therapeutic work I am able to support you if required with pre-conception issues and with journeys that are not straightforward where the expected outcomes change.

As a Doula I will support you in trusting your own body and intuition. Making your decisions about your body during your pregnancy. Support and information when you need it!

The beginning of the journey.
Contact me if you feel I am the Doula who can best support your needs.  I am always up for a coffee and an initial chat so that you can see if the connection is there, as we will spend time together I feel that is important. Further to that you can design the journey with me to suit your needs.  

“Doula” is an Ancient Greek word and at its core is the collective support of an experienced group.
Since the beginning of time women have gathered around to support those new to the journey with their wisdom and knowledge. I am affiliated with, trained and supported by Nurturing Birth.
In choosing me to support you with your journey, there is the energy of a community walking with us.



The most popular form of support......from initial contact to birth £1'200


Packages can be bespoke to suit your needs, whether that's....

Pre-conception Pre Natal Support therapies 

Support and information finding

Attending appointments


Post-Natal (in the first few weeks from birth)


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