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These treatments are provided at Neals Yard Therapy Rooms in Montpellier Cheltenham.

Please use the Booking button below for availibility. You can also purchase individual Bach Flower Remedies at the bottom of the page.


Reiki treatments

Promotes calm and balance in your life and releases blocked energy.

Initial appointment - 1 hr 30 minutes - £60

Follow up appointment - 1 hour - £45

Vibrational Tuning Forks

Using the vibration/energy of frequency tuning forks and the skeleton as a 'sounding board', a tuning fork treatment will 'recalibrate' your energy frequencies.

Initial appointment - 1 hr 30 minutes - £60

Follow up appointment - 1 hour - £45

SPACE Therapy - Time to talk about you...

 1 hour - £55

By appointment in person or on Zoom

Complimentary 30 minute session added onto the initial session


These sessions are for you...Time to explore how you currently feel... 'SPACE' to just be...


In these confidential, non-judgemental sessions you will be supported whilst you explore those reactions and emotions that may be impacting on your day to day life. Designed to identify and explore the negative energy stored within us that will trigger outbursts. Anger being the most common, and is always a secondary emotion fuelled by others such as frustration, fear, irritation, sadness, intolerance to name a few. Our reactions to negative situations are stored energetically in our bodies creating

dis-harmony and dis-ease and the 'charge'of that emotion will resurface in situations when we feel challenged or "triggered" by a similar event.  Day to day life requires only a process of practical steps to achieve what we need to accomplish. It is our emotional responses that can change everything. In these sessions there is the opportunity to 'connect' and 'release' any emotions that may come up during

the session.

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