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Bach Flower


Bach Flower consultations are provided at Neals Yard Therapy Rooms in Montpellier Cheltenham

or via Zoom. Please use the Booking button below for availibility. You can also purchase individual Bach Flower Remedies at the bottom of the page.

Bach Flower Remedies 

Everyone has heard of 'Rescue Remedy', it is the only original combination Remedy that belongs to the system of 38  Natural remedies (37 Made from the energy of flowers and trees/pollen, the exception being RockWater).

Dr Bach combined 5 of the Remedies (Rescue Remedy) to give us one remedy for situations of crisis where visiting a Practitioner was not a practicality time-wise.The Remedies work by identifying the emotions felt around physical, mental, emotional and situational issues.


By carefully listening and feeling the emotions as they come up for you, the Remedies can be selected and mixed (up to 7 in a bottle). Dr Bach developed this system of holistic remedies to be used by everyone. The key is learning to listen to your emotions. The remedies can be used by everyone, from pregnant mothers, babies and throughout your life. They compliment allopathic medicines/treatments.

You may be well physically and can still benefit from the remedies.

The areas of support the remedies cover are - Fears, Uncertainty/decisions, insufficient interest in the present, loneliness, over sensitivity to influences and ideas, despondency and despair, overcome for the welfare of others.

Consultations are approximately 1 hour and includes the remedy mix for you to take away.

By appointment in person or on Zoom/WhatsApp £55




Order your personalised 'Mix Bottle' - £10 plus £3.50 P&P 

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