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My Services

Reiki treatments are provided at Neals Yard Therapy Rooms in Montpellier Cheltenham

or via Zoom. Please use the Booking button below for availability.

For Bach Flower Remedies then please go to my Bach Flower Remedy page.


Reiki treatments

Promotes calm and balance in your life and releases blocked energy.

Initial appointment - 1 hr 30 minutes - £60

Follow up appointment - 1 hour - £45

Absentee Healing - FREE Service

If you have something going on in your life that you need support with, or know someone who does Reiki Energy can be sent. Anything from a decision to make, support for important life events. A crisis in your life, stress, worry. The list is not exhaustive. Please just message me or email me and leave the name of the person who wishes to receive the energy, and a brief description of (if you wish, but not necessary) what the energy is required for. All requests to receive Reiki Energy are confidential...


Reiki Share- FREE Service

Approximately 2 hours

There is no charge. There is the opportunity for a donation to charity. This is not compulsory.   
If you have Attained Reiki 1 2 or Master Level ,Reiki shares are a great way of getting together.
The session timings allow everyone to experience a reiki mini treatment from the group,

and sharing experiences. If you've never experienced a Reiki share please contact me with any questions. It is a friendly,  informal way to connect with other practitioners.



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