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I certainly do!…

On a regular basis and I have to say... I LOVE IT!

It’s one of the greatest gift you can give yourself........

Over the years, going for therapy had a stigma attached to it because the term “Mental Health” had been misused and misunderstood.

As well as looking after our physical health by exercising, eating well etc. we should always look after our mental health in the same way, for example taking time and care for ourselves in whatever ways we enjoy.

For me being aware of my bodies response to food and drink has developed over the years by reading/taking notice and taking advice about health and nutrition and by developing exercise routines. Also taking advice from experts (for me as holistically as possible)

And so with my Mental Health.... we all have a past and these things make us respond and react to present situations. With my journey into Holistic Practitioner I realised that to be in a place to support others you have to have “looked at your own stuff!” So, as I would visit my Oesteopath or have a Kinesiology Session for my physical body so I will have a Counselling/Mentoring Session or Hypnotherapy Session for my Mental health. With each session I know I am releasing stored negative emotions and that has a massive effect on my day to day life. I feel calmer. My responses are more considered.....I’m not saying for an instant that I don’t send up a few @#&!’s every now and then I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t....

Those instances are clues to stored emotions that can be helpful to us because in those moments, you hold the key to that suppressed emotion. What emotion did you feel? What words came to you at that time? When did you first feel that same way?

All clues..... and sometimes the root cause eludes us and that’s when I look for support from the Professionals.

A support network is always there.... Even if it’s a chat with a friend. This last year has been different for everyone (and I have certainly missed hugs) Whether it’s a session with a Professional, a relaxation session listened too from an App or even a relaxing Facial Treatment (ok, I’m lucky enough to live with my talented daughter Alfie Poulter (@“Alfie Poulter Cosmetics”)

But If it puts you in a better space it’s worth doing!

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