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🌲Give the gift of Peace and Calm this Christmas!🌲

The temperature has dropped and has really started me feeling christmassy, so I wanted to put out there a gift idea.....And this company (above pic) have the right idea! Gifting Experiences!

So, whilst we're all turning our thoughts towards the big day I just wanted to "put out there!"... Duh Duh Dahhhhhhh!

"A voucher for Holistic treatments!"

Holistic treatments create space for that person... Time for themselves...

A space in time to stop, relax and unwind.

These vouchers can be used for all of my therapies, including;


Vibrational Tuning Fork Therapy

Bach Flower Consultation

Hypnotherapy (all forms)


Spiritual Life Coaching sessions

My vouchers can be ordered by messaging me

You can customise the amount for one treatment, a relaxing morning or a course of treatments (discounted packages available)

All prices can be found on my website

Merry Christmas!☃️

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