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Exciting News!

New Level 1 Energy Course. Now available!

The universe and everything contained within; including us, is made up of energy, FACT.

As energetic beings we are able to work with our energy to improve our wellbeing and the life we experience on a daily basis.

The key is awareness... learning to be aware of our energy and how it affects us and impacts on our lives...

This course covers;

Learning to acknowledge and be aware of your energy.

Maintain and rebalance your energy.

Protect your energy.

Replenish your energy

This will benefit you with;

Working on a daily basis with your energy

Being able to identify and restore the balance energetically

Having a tool with you to support you always in times of;





If you or someone you know would benefit from this course and would like more information, or to book a Level 1 course, please contact me via email

Facebook-Julie Boseley Reiki Teacher


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