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Everything just is!......

Anytime we apply a label to something it is a judgement. Whether something is for example, good or bad, wrong or right is a viewpoint of the thinker.

(If this wasn't so, we would all agree about everything all the time!)

The above are purely examples. The point is…


(Meaning…things will always happen, it is the way we respond that affects us)

When we make a judgement on something or someone, we start off a chain reaction.

If it’s about someone else or a situation, you may find yourself feeling angry, sad, irritated. etc. This happens when something is not our “stuff!” (Or business)… Not ours to control.

In wanting to control others or situations we ourselves feel out of control. This may be the product of our own trauma previously stored, and the coping mechanisms we have developed to cope at the time of that trauma.

(If I may just add…I understand that this is aside the fact that there is always practical solutions to help out someone who is in need where they may be unable to help themselves practically.)

When the judgement is of ourselves it may seem a quieter response, but equally as powerful. Any judgement against ourselves I.e too fat, thin, tall, short, even making jokes about ourselves. etc. may be more quietly stored but may in time affect our health and wellbeing.

Noticing when we are thinking or saying these things is a lifelong practice (we are after all only human!) and being aware of these things may in turn call us to make judgements about ourselves. I.e. “I’m bad, wrong for thinking that way” but if we can learn to take a moment at these times and not pass judgement, we can feel the tension dissipate in our bodies almost immediately.


Letting it go…

Take yourself to, or think about any time you put a judgement on something….or a thought you have about what someone else is doing in their lives, be it family, friend, colleague, boss etc. Sit with the thought and notice how you feel. Let that feeling grow…. Chances are, it doesn’t feel kind to your body. Let that feeling go… one of the easiest ways is to do some deep breathing and on the exhale imagine or feel that feeling releasing or dissipating. This technique can be used anytime you feel anything but calm in your body.

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