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Holistic Therapies

The key element in all holistic practices is relaxation...

They will all take you into that space of deep relaxation similar to that place just before you drop off to sleep or just before you wake.

My mum always used to say that sleep was healing and I now know what she means, and for anyone who has experienced an illness or watched someone as they journey through one...There is that time when you know that the worst has past as the body falls into that deep deep sleep where it is able to heal.

The first year I went to Kos (in the Greek Islands) on holiday with my youngest our first 3 days were an experience as my daughter was poorly. We spent that time in our room she was so unwell, she was very fractious.... and then all of a sudden I knew she was over it as she fell into a deep deep sleep for 5 hours, promptly woke up and as bright as a button said "I'm hungry" (she hadn't eaten for the time she was ill) We went for food and then she jumped into the pool! Kids!!...They always make you smile.....

Holistic practices throughout the relaxation that they promote will facilitate healing and that is why those practises have been around since the dawn of time!


Whether you seek out a practitioner when you are in need or choose to follow the path yourself such as a 2 day course in Reiki; which gives you a tool for life, you will find that relaxation whenever you need it and always find yourself in a better space.....

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