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Bach Flower Remedies to start the journey...

Bach Flower Remedies are a collection of 38 natural Complimentary Remedies that can support you in every aspect of life including your journey into being a parent...

Rescue Remedy tends to be one that most people have heard of and is easily accessed in supermarkets and chemists. It is used generally but as this is a combination of 5 of the remedies for a specific purpose and known as the crisis remedy, for most situations in life it is unnecessary.

Choosing the remedies specifically for you and your needs is a far more effective way to use them.

Whether its support with conception issues through to coping as a parent There is a remedy or a mix bottle of up to 7 remedies that will support you.

How will they support me?..

Bach Flowers are a gentle but effective natural energy remedy selected on the emotion/s you are experiencing in the area of your life in focus...

In Pregnancy they aid calm and can be used in and around the journey through pre-pregnancy, birth, your new arrival and parenting... in fact, anywhere where there is an imbalance of emotions that take you away from calm...

For example they are perfect for

Concerns around conception

Worries and anxieties

Morning sickness

Tiredness and sleeping

Clarity and decision making

The birth

The list is not exhaustive. They are a handy companion throughout the process.

They can be purchased individually or as a mix bottle through a practitioner such as myself (I can also post them if you have accessed a zoom session)

How do I take them?

You can add them to your drinks (hot or cold) or directly onto your tongue with regularity during the day to maintain the balance. In a water bottle is also an ideal way to incorporate them into your day.

What effect will they have on my Baby?

As Bach Flowers are chosen for a specific reason for a person they will be ineffective to anyone who doesn't need the support that they give and being a natural complimentary Remedy will have no effects on any medication that you are already taking for yourself or the baby.

How else can I use the remedies?

They can be used in a variety of ways but especially added into body creams etc or a bath depending on the support needed

For more information, to book a Bach Remedy Consultation please email, visit my website or contact me on Facebook @HolisticPregnancyandBabycare

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